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Sankyo precision(Hui Zhou)Company Limited was founded in 2001,The company is a well established organization focused on the industrial automation business and Precision business. We have invested heavily into research and development, bringing highly skilled engineers with the latest technologies to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industry. The company was recognized as one of the leading Hi-tech Enterprise in South China Guangdong Province in 2010, for its outstanding commitment to new innovation and technological advancement in the automation and precision engineering environment.

The company has a total investment of over 30 million USD, with a labour force of over 700 personnel. Incorporating robust quality systems, new technologies and latest techniques into all parts of the company has brought Sankyo to the forefront in precision manufacturing, research and development and machine automation. 

The headquarters is based in Hui Zhou Zhongkai high-tech industrial development zone, with three manufacturing bases in Huihuan, Songshan and Shuikou districts. The manufacturing facilities are based over 50,000 square meters, with modern workshops, advanced production equipments, improved vision detection means with advanced technical equipments under strict quality management systems. 

The Company's long term strategy is firmly focused on innovation and technical enhancement of both our manufacturing and automation services. We strive to offer first class products and service throughout Asia, the America and Europe. We are committed to both technological and people development which has been receiving high recognition and support from our customers. Today, our products are supplied all over Europe, America, Southeast Asia and our long-term customers include some international well-known manufactures, such as Sony, Panasonic, LG, DELTA, etc. 

Vision:try to be a company which has the world first-class technology and Strong core competence within the sub-sectors; try to be an expert of intelligent automation equipment; try to be the guide of labor-intensive consumer product’s upgrading and updating.

Operation Philosophy: Technical Oriented, Introverted, and Well-prepared
Operation Purpose: People Oriented, Precise Management, Innovation & Practice

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