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Precision Manufacturing Technology Drives and Brings up the Development of China Precision Punching Enterprises
Time: 2010-02-20

How familiar people are with this word. This word deserves to be respected by many people. Take a simple example. The Swiss watch – a delicate item. All of the parts used to make the watches are precision punching ones. The core of this industry is focusing on concentration and refinement. This contributes to precision manufacturing technology. Let me introduce it now. It means a generic term of such production technology, by which, the bland of the parts has a small overmeasure or free of overmeasure and the precision of the bland of the parts after processing is up to the submicrometer level. It is a comprehensive integration of the technology of net-shape forming and close-to-no defect, super-precision processing technology and super-high-speed processing technology, in which, the super-precision manufacturing technology is one of the core technologies to be developed by the industrial countries. Many products in the industries like defense, integrated circuits, IT, solar thermal power generation, semiconductors, etc. have very rigorous requirements for precision, and feature non-standard, varied, multi-batch, small-lot, etc., and have a higher access threshold. Now, precision punching parts are widely used in various industries, so the precision punching market is becoming better and better. The precision punching enterprises are growing rapidly in China as a large manufacturing country. These years, many large enterprises are starting to be listed. According to the updated news, the new S&T shares of the Precision Forging Technology engaging in design, manufacturing, sales and precision forging and precision punching processes like precision forged parts, precision punching parts, finished gears and precision moulds as well as their respective parts will be issued on Aug. 17. Welcome to the new focus on the trend of shares of the precision punching parts.

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