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Sankyo’s Sharp Transition from Automation to Intelligent Automation
Time: 2014-04-01
    Global economic integration has created many multinational factory, in the global migration tide of manufacturing to China, automation technology has been widely used. By replacing the traditional mode of production which reliance on human manufacturing, automation technology makes great increase of work efficiency, and reduce the instability influence of the human factors , so that the quality of product can be improved. But with the changing of economic environment at home and abroad, China's manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges now. In order to adapt to the intensifying market competition, in recent years, Sankyo Precision is going through an important transition, such as changing enterprise of mass production to flexible production which according to the requirements of the market or customers; design and control system integration replace design and control system independently; changing the specific place producing to global procurement and production. The quality, cost, efficiency and safety requirements of the factory are constantly improving, it is predictable that the transformation will promote the development and application of automation technology into a new  stage .
    The combination of artificial intelligence, machine vision and digital manufacturing technology will drive a automated manufacturing revolution .The three technique combined model of manufacturing production, can be called intellectualized manufacture, namely intelligent manufacturing. Development of vision technology provides an effective method for analyzing and processing the production data and information, add intelligent wings to the manufacturing technology. The vision technology is especially suitable for complex and uncertain questions, in each step of the manufacturing process, vision technology almost can be widely application to all of the processes.
    Intelligent automation equipment is a professional mechanical and electrical equipment running by software and remote control technology. With the development of computer technology, especially the improvement of CCD technology and the application of machine vision technology, the function of the intelligent automation equipment is more powerful than before, the performance was improved unceasingly. The application fields of intelligent automation equipment is no longer limited to traditional extensive production, it has been involved in electronic and other precision manufacturing. With the rising of China's labor cost, the replacement of intelligent automation equipment to artificial has become the inevitable trend in the future.
    The numerical control technology which born in 20th century 50's and the subsequent emergence of robotics and computer aided design technology, pioneered the first use of digital technology in manufacturing activities, met the requirements of flexible manufacturing industry’s manufacturing product diversification. While the development and popularization of sensor technology provide lots convenient technical means to obtain large number of manufacturing data and information. The development of digital technology and automation technology make tremendous changes of manufacturing industry’s development pattern and operatingefficiency. Based on digital technology, except making manufacturing process itself intelligent, can also gradually realizing intellectualization of design and management, plus information integration, global optimization, finally it can realize intelligent manufacturing plant.
    Obviously, intelligence is the future development direction of manufacturing automation, but these technology is not new biology, the scale application in manufacturing industry has already emerged day after day. Asamatteroffact, using intelligent manufacturing technology is not a difficult problem for today's Chinese manufacturing industry, the problem is whether the partially intelligent implementing of the company can guarantee the global optimization, if not, the significance of intelligent would be limited. Just for this reason, in the aspect of intelligent manufacturing, Sankyo try to clearly grasp the production process, improve the production process controllability, reduce production line manual intervention, collect the production line’s data timely and accurate, make more reasonable production plan and production schedule, from product’s exploitation to design, outsourcing, production and delivery, each stage of production manufacturing needs to realize highly automation and intelligent , make sure the information integration of each stage be an inevitable trend. Software will become the important foundation of structuring a intelligent factory. Humanized operation interface and high efficiency computing platform connecting, across network’s cloud computinginformation integration analysis and statistics will become the key elements.
    From automation to intelligent automation, Sankyo Precision still has a long way to go. But there is no doubt that, with the quickly development and growth of the world economy , we will usher in rapid development. Intelligent manufacturing factory will bring transformation and impacts to all kinds of industries and guidethe global manufacturing industry development mode’s progress and innovation, It is an inevitable choice for the transformation of China's manufacturing industry .
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